Making a difference

for those recovering from anoxia, the often overlooked brain injury resulting from oxygen deprivation.


Our Purpose


To provide support, resources and 

advocacy for patients and families impacted 

by anoxic brain injury. 

Our Passion


The families responsible for this site 

are personally impacted as our loved ones suffered an anoxic brain injury.  This isn't just a cause for us - it has become part of our life's mission - we WILL make a difference,  

Our Priorities


  • Get Congress to Count Anoxic Brain Injuries as this is the first step to research and treatment.
  • Provide support and encourage anoxic patients and their families by sharing various resources.

take action: Write ➞ Call ➞ Go!

Step 1: Key committees in the House and Senate


All Members of Congress are critical to our effort.  The two committees that are most imperative cover Health,  and Appropriations.  

Step 1:  Please review the lists below and if there is anyone representing your state,  contact them and ask them to count anoxic brain injuries.   Also, please share this with other friends and family and ask them to write.

Step 2: Search for YOUR Members of Congress


Please, please ACT:

Step 2:  Find your House and Senate members by searching the link below.  

Step 3:   Use the attached sample letter 

or write your own letter to Congress.  Briefly share your story.

You may submit your letter online by using the direct link to your Congressional Members as they each have a "Contact" link that allows you to email them.  Email arrives much faster than mail!

Find YOUR Congressional Members

Your VOICE Matters!


" Never doubt that a small, committed group of thoughtful citizens can change the world.   Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. "  Margaret Mead

Download Sample Letter to Congress

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